Men Daring Greatly is a men's ministry that utilizes Christian discipleship, emotional health and personal transformation coaching and outdoor adventure to develop strategies to live wholeheartedly in a broken world. Fighting for the hearts of men requires that we make difficult changes in our lives and build each other up as a band of brothers. Together we combat the wounds from the evil one, the cultural messages that diminish the value of masculinity and consistently attacks those of us who choose to live for Jesus and follow the lead of the Holy Spirit.

Our adventure continues to expand geographically. While we are now local to south Florida, we also have events in Michigan and West Virginia on occasion and are hoping to extend our impact even further. We hope that by completing this form we can contact you with only the information that is relevant to you. Our commitment to respecting your information is a guiding principle. We value your interest and investment in our ministry. 

The Adventure Continues...
Ed Murphy
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